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The Tradition of Wish-Making

The idea of wish-making goes back thousands of years. Finding safe drinking water was difficult, and so many early civilizations believed it was a gift from the gods. These ancient people would toss in a token while sending up a prayer for things like clean water, safety, and rain for crops—an early version of making a wish.

WishBites To The Rescue

Fast forward to today: Most of the civilized world has clean drinking water, but wish-making and throwing tokens into water remains. What people don’t realize is that this continually introduces a wide range of contaminants into our aquatic environments, causing unsafe levels of copper and zinc toxicity.

We knew we had to do something. And so we created WishBites to preserve a beautiful tradition without harming the beauty of marine life. WishBites are a fun alternative to throwing coins or sentimental objects into bodies of water.

WishBite’s Mission

We’re dedicated to saving and preserving aquatic life one wish at a time. A percentage of our proceeds are donated annually to projects that help revitalize reef habitats and contribute to the preservation of our marine ecosystems.

Join the WishBite Cause

We hope everyone will join us on our mission to protect our waters and use WishBites instead of toxic wish-making items. Let’s work together to help stop the poisoning of our waters and save the life within them!


Product Details

Product Details

WishBites are the only eco-friendly way to make a wish while also preserving the well-being of marine ecosystems.

Made in the USA, WishBites are crafted with high-quality feed products, consisting primarily of brine shrimp flake and a bicarbonate binding compound. As the pellet dissolves in water, it slowly releases feed and carbon dioxide into the water, which is essential for plant and phytoplank- ton growth.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our packaging is 100% biodegradable—right down to the poly bag, which is water-soluble. If a poly bag accidentally makes it way to the water, rest assured that the bag will fully dissolve in a short amount of time. (The poly bags do not contain any toxins that are harmful to our Earth or its inhabitants.)

WishBites Help Protect Fish, Animals, & People

All species of aquatic life are continuing to suffer due to high concentrations of metals in our waters. These metals can be mistaken for food and absorbed through the gills, contributing to the rise of toxicity concentrations in the fish cells which can often lead to death.

WishBites have a positive impact on more than just marine ecosystems. They are safe for freshwater and saltwater marine life, as well as non-marine animals, too. On top of all that, they also prevent water contamination that can be harmful to humans—WishBites are a win-win!

Guaranteed Analysis, Ingredients, & Warning Label

Product Shipment Details

  • Package contains 25 cards per box. Each shipment includes a point of purchase reusable plastic clip strip to easily showcase the product.
  • Each individual bag contains 5 wish tokens.
  • For custom header cards and larger volumes please contact us at sales@wishbite.org for pricing or by phone at 401-316-7256.

WishBite’s Global Impact

When you toss in a WishBite, you’re creating a ripple of good in this world. A percentage of our proceeds are donated annually to projects that help revitalize reef habitats and contribute to the preservation of our marine ecosystems. Every WishBite pack that’s sold helps with the improvement of marine ecosystems and helps raise awareness to support and protect them.

Join the mission to protect our waters, one WishBite at a time!

About RIOK, Makers of WishBite

RIOK Enterprises LLC is a product development company that is located in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Since our establishment in 2012, our primary focus has been to develop safe, environmentally friendly products for consumer markets.

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